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Who We Are

Fido Friday

Our Culture

We are a big family of over 400 Impulsians that is committed to strive to be the best in the business. This brings out the perfection in us and drives us to ensure that we’re always detail-oriented.

We are proud to consistently achieve a high degree of customer satisfaction in all facets of product development and delivery.


Committed to Sustained Innovation

With over three decades of industry experience with leading fashion brands, we believe that innovation is the key to success. We constantly evolve with emerging market trends to develop new designs and offer best sellers . Our research brings insightful market information to our customers about brands that they’re inspired of and brands that they’re competing with.

New Trend Each Season

We’re constantly experimenting with fabrics, embroideries, patterns, silhouettes and techniques. Our marvel team of designers strive to add new vibes to our product range each season.

Assurance to Design Protection

While we’re innovating, you can be rest assured about your design related information because we have a strong working system in place to ensure that design copyrights are protected.


Over three decades of quality customer service. We have learnt, improved and achieved excellent deliverance standards over these years.

Our customers worldwide have cherished partnering with us. Here’s what they have to say!


Empowering supply-chain management globally

Headquartered in Gurgaon(NCR), we have our regional offices in Bengaluru and Tirupur and our Quality Assurance presence in Kolkata and Ludhiana. Our international sourcing office is located in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Our sourcing network is spread across 120+ manufacturing sites in India, Bangladesh

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